Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/26 Haiti trip update

What a day!

I knew it could only get better when Cliff found a tarantula!  He put it down thinking the girls at the orphanage wanted to watch it crawl... And they stoned it!  You sure don't want to be on their bad side!

It was all blessings from there on out.  The girls serenaded us on the bus ride to Port Salut. It was such a joy to hear their enthusiastic voices in unity.

The beach in Port Salut was beautiful. White sand, warm water,  lots of sunshine.  (and a few big puffy clouds for those who burn easily.) We played in the sand,  frolicked in the surf and combed the beach.  The girls enjoyed it so much that the bus ride home was significantly quieter. (I had a girl asleep on each side of me,  two in. Sabula's  lap across from me.

After passing out candy we left the Consolation center for the day. 

The shipping container arrived today.  (that is like Christmas for the village and the center.  Obviously we did not unload it,  but we saw new tires,  a canopy for the center,  a movie screen, and 10 new solar panels. (The power company is unreliable enough,  and supply lines are oftentimes not available.  24 volt Solar power is the most reliable power in many cases.) 8 homes for haiti also arrived.
Goat for supper tonight ...
Tasted kind of like pork. Not bad.

Great worship and sharing tonight lead by Allan on the theme of friends.

I'll preach at 8:30 and 4:30 tomorrow on the theme of trusting God to use the church as his hands and feet.

It is hard to say who has benefited most this week. We come to be Christ's hands and feet to the Hatians only to discover that the that the Hatians are being God's hands and feet for us. None of us can go home the same people we were.  I doubt that we will ever  watch The news with the same hard heart,  or think of poverty with the same judgmental attitude,  or even think about our own needs in exactly the same way we did before being here. Speaking for myself,  I hope I will be slower to judge,  quicker to love and more determined to do justice. The needs here may be greater in scale,  but they are the same as  we have at home; fair treatment of the poor,  decent employment, justice, and crazy drivers. I pray that together and as a nation we can at least admit that 3 of those 4 issues are important issues and be God's hands and feet working for compassionate justice in our world.


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