Saturday, May 4, 2013

How are we changing the world... Here are the answers I received. (5/15)

World Changing Activity

# people
Target gift card to Waterloo family who lost everything in a home fire.5
Did simple home repair for elderly widow1
Helped serve the noon meal at Westview25
Ran an errand for person without a car1
Helped serve the noon meal at Westview.25
Helped our neighbors transition to a nursing home6-10
Visit the Lonely    2-5
Made baskets for fine arts teachers at the High School4
Agreed to serve on the board for a local organization
Cleaned a neighbor's yard2
Made an intentional choice to smile at people I didn't know30
Ride to doctor for neighbor1
Babysit grandson after surgery    5
Take a friend to the eye doctor 1
Smiled and made eye contact with everyone I sang to. 10+


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