Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prayer for the Circumstantial Will of God

Here is the prayer from the service Sunday September 16th 2012

Prayer for the Circumstantial Will of God
Dear God, There is much I do not understand.  There must be much I cannot be made to understand until I pass out of this “childhood” stage.  But I know my Lord through other means, especially through Your Word, the holy scriptures and as You  were revealed through my Savior Jesus Christ.   In times of heartache and confusion I will trust.  I will walk by faith, trusting in the light I have, even though it f eels at times like I am hanging on in the dark.
I will do faithfully what I see to be Your will  even when confronted with evil circumstances which you have allowed. I will be faithful, trusting and courageous knowing Your ultimate will and purpose for my life can never be defeated and your grace is sufficient for me in every need.  This is my pledge and my prayer, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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